Your Support Network

What If I Win Products

Here at What If I Win Products, whether you're a State lottery vendor, or a What If I Win Products operator, we're behind you 100%.  Our goal like yours is success and our successes is determined by how well we clear the hurdles and make it possible for you to launch a successful business opportunity and generate sales.  No matter the issue we want you to know that we're in this with you and we want you to be profitable. 

Vending Manufacturer

What If I Win Products vending machines have been designed and housed with the latest in vending technology with a goal of ease in both transaction and customer satisfaction.  We will continue to work with our vending manufacture to provide the best warranties, service, repairs and technology available to ensure that your vending machine equipment remains operational.
 State Lottery

As partners in promoting state lotteries and the sale of lottery tickets, What If I Win Products will continue to develop strong relationships between What If I Win Products and state lottery officials.  As a What If I Win Products operator we will encourage lottery officials to cross promote and recognize the increased value our products and your presence contributes in boosting lottery ticket sales.

State Lottery Vendors

Developing relationships with privately owned convenience stores, super markets and convenience store chains plays a vital role in the expansion and growth of What If I Win Products.  We're working with our partner retailers to ensure they're commitment in providing the best and preferable of What I Win vending machine placements in close proximity to lottery ticket vending machines or lottery play stations in an effort to drive foot traffic, boost lottery ticket sales and What If I Win partners profits.