Winning Combination: ​
    You + Customer + Vending + Product + Retailer​ 

We've all heard the saying, “if it was easy then everyone would do it!" Well, in this instance, "it is easy and only a few will have the opportunity to do it!"

Our Operators

The key elements to the success of What If I Win Products begin with YOU!  When you sign on to partner with What If I Win Products your commitment to our brand as a What If I Win Products operator is confirmation that you believe in our product and that goes a long ways in generating sales and earning an unlimited income.

Our Customers

Of course, the customer is king/queen and we want to provide each customer with the very best shopping experience and the very best in What If I Win products.  Here at What If I Win Products we're excited about the opportunity to welcome customers looking for a convenient and cost effective gift product guaranteed to bring a million dollar smile to their family, friend, co-workers and others.

Our Vending Manufacturers

Using the best in vending technology, What If I Win Products are delivered to each customer with ease.  Beginning with product branding, our vending manufacturer will make certain that our What If I Win vending machines are excitingly colorful and deliver the best vending machine experience through product selection, currency transaction and product delivery.
Our Products

What If I Win Products speaks to the hopes and aspirations of lottery enthusiasts the world over and inspires participants to dream the unimaginable.  When you consider the entertainment value in What If I Win Products it’s easy to see why lottery enthusiasts keep coming back to purchase this product and lottery tickets, over and over again – pure fun and entertainment.

Our State Lottery Vendors

Our lottery retail partners; convenience stores and super markets sell more than 50% of the lottery tickets sold in the United States. As the grand central station of What If I Win Product opportunities we are committed to offering customers a convenient gift product that's certain to drive foot traffic, boost lottery tickets sales and build customer loyalty for those lottery vendors who welcome What if I Win products.