Product and Service Selections...

The What If I Win Products development team has spent years designing our products and services, maintaining a vision that puts the lottery enthusiast, the mission of the state lottery, State lottery vendors and our What If I Win vending operators 1st!


* Lottery Themed Greeting Cards - our lottery themed greetng cards are the initial What If I Win Products being introduced to the public at this time.

Each of our lottery themed greeting cards, titled with our trade mark brand, What If I Win?     The reader is greeted by an expressive cover imagine and opens inside to one of our many exciting and copy righted slogans; "I'm Calling In Rich!, I Quit!, Changing Identity", etc., which corresponds in word phrase to the image featured on the cover of the greeting and  is followed just below the slogan by the sub-title "What Would You Do?"

Next, the greeting card purchaser reads the statement "place lottery ticket here..," and thus is encouraged to purchase and place lottery ticket(s) inside the greeting card in order to complete the gift purchase.

Last, the greeting card occasion is announced near the base of the card, for example, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!", THINKING Of YOU!", etc.

* Lottery Themed Post Cards...coming soon!

* Lottery Themed Mugs...coming soon!

* Lottery Themed Playing cards...coming soon!

* Lottery Themed T'Shirts...coming soon!


*Retail Store Promotions; Grand Opennings, Anniversaries, Celebrations...coming soon!