Industry Facts​​...

Industry facts about the state lottery, the greeting card, the vending and the convenience store industries demonstrate the astounding profit potentials that exist for What If I Win Products and its partners.
Through the placement of What If I Win Products in vending machines strategically located at State lottery vendors nation-wide, we’re able to leverage the essential elements of these billion dollar industries to attain success through offering what lottery consumers enjoy most; wager/chance, gift/entertainment, shopping convenience, and a technologically advanced vending system that deliveries million dollar smiles. 

State Lotteries

State lotteries in the United States alone generate more than $50 billion per year in lottery ticket sales. State lotteries in the U.S. are regulated and operated by the states and exist in 44 U.S. states including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The profits earned from lottery ticket sales are used to fund a variety of government programs.

At What If I Win Products we're excited about the opportunity to partner with state lotteries by designing lottery themed gift products that bring excitement and fulfill the greeting card gift needs of lottery enthusiasts, promotes state lotteries, boost lottery ticket sales, provides a profitable business opportunity for What If I Win Products and our partners, as well as helps to raise funds to support government programs.
Greeting Card

The greeting card industry in modern times has been dominated by two companies, American Greetings and Hall Mark with annual revenues between $7-8 billion.  Technological advances in the way people send greeting cards by way of the internet has stunned the giants and opened the window of opportunity for specialty, niche and trademarked greeting card brands like none other than What If I Win Products.  

Being copyright protected, not sold on the internet, niche brands such as What If I Win Products can only grow in value, and with a popularity associated with state lotteries is certain to gain increased market share and profitability.


As of the 2016 Vending Market Watch report the vending machine industry has retained a staggering $20.9 billion industry share for the past 6 years with continued growth potential as Vending Machine Management systems use increases.  According to the report, technological advances are helping operators eliminate costly expenditures and transition to more efficient delivery systems which require far less direct supervision.
At What If I Win Products, we see our vending manufacturers as essential to providing our What If I Win Products customer with the grandest vending experience.   WIIW PRODUCTS Greeting card vending products offer ease of operations which is demonstrated not only in the technological advances of its vending machine but as well through an enticing What If I Win Products vending machine design that's certain to welcome millions of customers.  

Convenience Stores

Of course, as the granddaddy of all What If I Win Products partners, the convenience store industry checks in with earnings of more than $575 billion per year.  Convenience stores are the primary sales platform for What If I Win Products and as a State lottery vendor sells more than half of the lottery tickets sold in the United State,

It is important to note the growth potential for our What If I Win Products vending operators, which according to the National Association of Convenience stores (NACS) 2015 report there are more than 154, 195 convenience stores operating in the United States.