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Are you a business looking to cater your product or service to the convenience store or super market customer? Are you interested in an opportunity that presents your product or service daily and directly to hundreds of retail store customers - then look no further.

We offer you the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of customers 24/7 through our What If I Win Products advertisment opportunity.


Our lottery themed gift products, specifically our lottery themed greeting cards have been designed to leverage four of the most fluid billion dollar industires; the greeting card, state lottery, convenience store and the vending industries. 

Our trade marked, one of a kind lottey themed gift products provide the millions of lottery enthusiast who play lottery; their familes, friends, co-workers and others with a convenient, entertaining and educational gift product that's certain to bring about million dollar smiles and generate untold revenue for our advertising business partners like your company.


If you're looking to introduce or currently offer your product or service to the convenience store or super market customer this opportunity is for you.  If you're looking to increase your company's exsposure, increase brand recognigition and increase your company's revenue, again, this discounted coupon advertisement campaign is the perfect opportunity to grow your business.    


What If I Win Products, specifically our trade marked, lottery themed greeting card products are dispenced via vending machines strategically placed in convenience stores, super markets and other retail stores where lottery tickets are sold.  

When you select our discounted coupon advertisement campaign, we work with you to develop the most effective adevertisement campaign for your product or service.  You then provide us with a matching number of your discounted coupons (which must offer discount) which upon receipt we place into the left inside panel of your selected lottery themed greeting cards.    

Next, at the selected lottery retailer; convenience store, super market, etc., What If I Win? vending machine operators stock our What If I WIn Products vending machines with our lottey themed greeting card products.  Now, even before making a What If I Win Products  purchase customers are able to view our greeting cards and your product or service discounted coupon advertisement via the LCD display feature of our What If I Win Products vending machine.  

As the customer makes his purchase and retrieves his lottery themed greeting card, he opens the card to see your company's featured discounted coupon advertisement as well your company's logo with additional company information on the backside of the greeting card (see sample company below).

Sample Business Advertisement: Dog Groomer


The What If I Win Products advertisement campaign starts with a minimum run of 10,000 pieces/greeting cards at .25 per piece.  What If I Win Products offers increased discounts with a minimum run of 20,000 pieces/greeting cards at .15 per piece.  

Getting your company's advertisement campaign is as easy as following this link "to our products catalog."  Once you arrive at our catalog page select the greeting cards you would like to use for your discounted coupons campaign and if you don't find anything that you feel fits, no sweat, just let us know and we'll work to design a greeting card perfect for pitching your products or services.


1. Who determines the where the advertisements will be placed?  Advertisement determinations are based on the geographic or primary market of the company, the company leadership and available What If I Win vending machines locations.

2. Can the advertisements be placed in venues other than What If I Win Products vending machines?  No.  At What If I Win Products, we take full responsibility for the placement and management of What If I Win Products, including advertisements, 

3. Can the product selection be mixed?  Yes, based on minimum of 250 pieces/greeting cards per grouping.

4. Will proofs be provided prior to the advertisement campaign beginning?

5. How long will it take before my advertisement campaign begins?

6. Will my company receive any of the pieces/greeting cards ordered?  No.  All purchased products will be sent out to our What If I Win Products vending machine operators for placement and distribution in the territory agreed upon by your company.

7.  How will my company know when all of its discounted coupon advertisement has been distributed?  Your company's discounted coupon advertisement campaign will be identified by your products association with specific What If I Win Products sku batches.  Your company will be provided a quarterly report detailing the batch status of the skus associated with your discounted coupon adevertisement campaign.

To get started, return to our catalog page, select the greeting card products you prefer in your advertisement campaign send us a eamil and we'll contact you for details to assist with getting your discounted coupon advertisement campaign into production....

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