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What If I Win Products is the first and one of a kind lottery themed gift products designed with both lottery players and lottery vendors in mind.

Specific to this introduction, our lottery themed greeting cards promote state lotteries, lottery vendors and lottery enthusiast the world over. 

What If I Win Products engage lottery players with the opportunity to express their hopes and aspirations about lottery play and provides joyful entertainment and information to share with family, friends, co-workers and others on those special occasions such as birthdays, holidays and thinking of you.
For the State lottery vendor, our lottery themed greeting card products are the perfect impulse buy that both drives foot traffic, boosts lottery ticket sales and establishes patron loyalty.  State lottery vendors who offer What If I Win Products in their stores provide both a convenience and the opportunity for customers to shop for exciting lottery themed greeting cards gifts that deliver million dollar smiles.  

What If I Win Products greeting cards are sold at participating State lottery vendors and dispensed through self-serve vending machines situated in close proximity to either State lottery ticket vending machines or state lottery ticket play stations.

At What If I Win Products our mission is to extend the fun and excitement of lottery play with lottery themed gift products; that are convenient, informative, that fulfill the entertainment and gift needs of the lottery entusiast, boosts lottery vendor store foot traffic, increases lottery ticket sales and ultimately increase the monetary contributions to state lottery funds in support of education and other government programs.

          Featured Product Introduction...

In this featured product introduction, What If I Win Products presents our lottery themed greeting card recognized by our trade marked title, What If I Win?

Each of our lottery themed greeting cards present its reader with an expressive cover imagine and opens inside to one of our many exciting and copy righted slogans which corresponds in word phrase to the image featured on the greeting card cover, such as "I'm Calling In Rich!, I Quit!, Changing Identity!," etc., followed just below the slogan by the sub-title "What Would You Do?"

Next, the greeting card purchaser reads the statement "place lottery ticket here..," and thus is encouraged to purchase and place lottery ticket(s) inside the greeting card in order to complete the gift.

Last, the reader reads the celebratory greeting card occasion, such as "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!, THINKING Of YOU!," etc.



​​What If I Win Products